Ważne daty w historii Giżycka

Ca. 1000 – Gellimdia, firtificated little town of  Ysegups Leiczen, by the lake Nabentine
1009 - mission and martyrdom of Bruno of Kwerfurt
1335-1341 – Teutonic Knights set up a settlement – present Letzen
1366 – invasion of Kiejstut a prince Lithuania
first/second (?) half of 15th century - influx of settlers from Mazowsze to Wielka Puszcza (Great Forest); origin of Nowa Wieś (New Village)
1454 – destruction of castle
1481 – Rev. Maciej from Brzostowo takes office of parish Nowa Wieś (New Village)
1517 - begining of Reformation
1525 – dissolvation of Teutonic Order and origin of Lutheran Duchy of Prussia
1531 – Rev. Piotr Cenker takes office of Lutheran parish Nowa Wieś (New Village)
1612 – prince elekt Jan Zygmunt gives civic rights, crest (emblem) and a name “Lotzen” on Nowa Wieś
1633 – on the spot of wooden Lutheran church a new stone temple is erected
1657 – invasion of Lithuanians and Tartars destroys town and ravages region
1686 – fire consumes town and church
1709 - reconstruction of the church tower, great outbreak of plague – more than 800 citizens dies including pastors Jerzy Boretius and Daniel Pessarovius
1728 – three bells are hung on the church tower
1765-1772 – lakes Niegocin Mamry are linked by navigable canal (waterway)
1807 – Units of Polish Division under general Henryk Dąbrowski and general Józef Zajączek enter the town
1812 – army of 60 thousand Napoleon soldiers march through Lotzen
1822 - April 3rd, in three days, the biggest in town’s history fire consumes 75% of buildings including church and vicarage
1826 – cornerstone is laid under the church and the vicarage
1827 – September 16th , pastor Michael Gregorovius consecrated new neoclassic temple designed by Karl F.Schinkel
1846 – the temple receives new organs and three bells: Concordia, Martha and Magdalene
1868 – Mazurski Dom Sierot (house for orphans) and Zakład Wychowawczy is started by serving sisters of Bethanien house
1881 – re-consecration of the church after major overhaul. The church receives new absyda and vestry, oltar with a picture (canvas) by Pfannschmid “Inviting Christ” and a new pulpit
1910 – opening of Mazurski Dom Macierzysty Diakonis “Bethanien” (Maternal House); October 30th, st.Bruno Cross is put up
1914-1915 – warfare of  the First World War
1920 – plebiscite in Mazury Area (people vote to join this region to Poland)
1935 – organ remodeling by „Kemper & son” company
1945-46 – Lutheran church is in hands of Rome-catholic parish. It receives a new name: “Church of Christ the King”
1945-1947 – great departures and arrivals – Lotzen – Łuczany – Giżycko
1 V 1946 – thanks to efforts or Rev. Emil Dawid the church building is returned to Lutherans and it begins a new chapter in the history of Lutheran parish in Giżycko